Il progetto è in collaborazione con Littleglobe artists, performers from Theater Grottesco, the Tri-Centric Foundation (NYC), St. John's College (Santa Fe), poet Logan Phillips (Dirty Verbs, Tuscon).

Chris Jonas, saxophones, vibraphone, video, direction (Littleglobe)
John Flax, text, text editorial, acting (Theater Grottesco)
Tara Khozein, voice, text, text editorial, acting (Theater Grottesco)
Johnny Lapio, trumpet (Arcote, Turin, Italy)
Rob Lundberg, double bass (Madison, WI)
Luke Carr, percussion (Santa Fe)

Text and poetry by Logan Phillips (Dirty Verbs, Tuscon)
with additional text by Caitlin DeSilvey, Michael Chabon, Chris Jonas.